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To Comfort the Afflicted and Challenge the Comfortable

Ann J. TemkinI was born to a jewish father and gentile mother and raised in no faith tradition. I am an ex-nun and a protestant minister. My journey has been long and winding and includes contemplative practice, graduate degrees in theology and counseling, many years as a psychotherapist and as a minister, interfaith work and now a book. What began as a personal journey has become a passion to share a “sideways” look at Jesus with the hope that it brings some small bit of healing. And at the same time, or perhaps as a necessary part of any true healing process, my desire is to “comfort the afflicted and challenge the comfortable”.

5 thoughts on “About Ann Temkin

  1. Tina Boulton Quitasol "56 says:

    Read about your new book on the Bryn Mawr news online. Congratulations! My daughter and grandaughter live in NYC and I was there for a caretaker stint when Louisa’s caregiver went to Malta. I had a blast since she is a very charming first grader at Chapin, and I learned to navigate New York a lot better than before, and actually enjoyed the trip which I had dreaded. I graduated the year behind you from BMS. Hope all is well!

    • Ann Temkin says:

      Hello Tina. Of course I remember you from BMS. How wonderful to hear from you. Where are you living now and what are you doing when not caring for your granddaughter?

  2. Cheryl and Kinsey says:

    Congratulations on your book! Kinsey is a sophomore in college in Indiana majoring in religion and English literature. We have to get together with Karen soon.

  3. Tina Boulton Quitasol "56 says:

    In Indiana on the southern tip of Lake Michigan. I LOVE the lake and take my dogs there in decent weather. Hated last winter, and eventually will be moving back to Baltimore(civilization!). Another daughter lives in my parent’s house, and is enlarging it(updating etc)so that we may live there later on. I still like it here and have quilting friends, so I will not be moving there for awhile, hopefully. I love the Sandhill cranes flying over in the spring and the fall because they are a harbinger of spring. Next time I am in NYC, I will let you know. Again, congratulations on your book! Barnes and Noble?

  4. Ann Temkin says:

    I would love to see you Tina. Actually I live in Atlanta not NYC. Book is available on amazon http://goo.gl/IQOfbK

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